A One Plast

Conduit Fittings

At A-One Plast, we offer a diverse range of conduit fittings tailored to meet various needs. From heavy-duty fittings to specialized solutions, our products ensure secure connections and enhanced protection for electrical wiring. 



Heavy Conduit Fittings

Easy to install with secure fittings

Our heavy conduit fittings are engineered for robust performance in demanding environments. Made from high-grade PVC, these fittings provide superior strength and durability, ensuring reliable protection and connection of conduit pipes in industrial and commercial installations.

Galaxy Conduit Fittings

Versatile and compatible with various conduit sizes

Galaxy Conduit Fittings by A-One Plast combine innovation with reliability. Designed for versatile applications, these fittings offer excellent compatibility with our conduit pipes and ensure a seamless electrical wiring system.

PT Light Conduit Fittings

Lightweight for easy handling and installation

Our PT Light Conduit Fittings are perfect for projects requiring lightweight yet durable fittings. These fittings provide an optimal balance between ease of handling and robust performance, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Fan Boxes

Pre-drilled holes for easy installation

Fan boxes from A-One Plast are designed to provide sturdy and secure mounting for ceiling fans and other fixtures. These boxes are made from high-quality PVC, ensuring long-term reliability and safety.